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I am really unsure ?? I have sever depression and server Anxitey although I feel as bad as ever, the feelings change, I feel now the depression is over taking the Anxitey, the Anxitey was that bad it made me get up And get out the house, now I'm really struggling to get out of bed ( plus my anxitey is racing ) please tell me how you over this ???? IV battled on since January just can't take anymore, I can't bare the pain

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Yes sometimes I have times of depression where I just want to lay in bed all day even though anxiety is my main issue I think we get depressed because of the anxiety.

I think you need to give it time and you need to somehow change your mindset this can happen by reading self help books such as 'hope and help for your nerves' (this really helped me) there are heaps more too, also read about success stories and people that have overcome anxiety, read positive articles about anxiety and how to beat it.

A good blog I like to look at is the 'anxiety guru'. Try to focus your energy on positive things that will give you some encouragement and motivation. I think I have passed on all my other advice to you in previous posts. I hope you do feel better soon I know how you feel I've been where you are at and it does get better you will just have to be patient (I was very impatient about getting better but unfortunately we don't have a choice do the sooner you accept it the sooner you will feel better).


Thank you for your reply I have expected it, ( I don't think you have any other option but to expect it ) I try so VERY hard to change my mind set, I force myself out everyday but just can't do anything why I can't answer ?? Please don't think I'm being negative and not trying ( i truly am.) I'm just on my way to see a supporter worker as I really do want help to get over this I just don't no how. I totally agree with your advice and the things that work for you, but when you feel as low as I do, it's so hard to even get yourself washed !!! Really appreaciate your support thank you x


I know how you feel as I said I was where you are at a few months ago everyone around me was getting annoyed with me and I know it's hard I still have bad days. And I know you are trying. You will get better it is great that you are seeing someone I think it is what you need a professional to guide you.

Good luck :) x


Hello Sandraann. You are obviously having a very tough time and I can't offer an easy solution ,only some things that might help.

Very occasionally I can 't get out of bed either. I just tell myself then that if I was in a concentration camp and the capo (the enforcer, usually with a whip) came round I might manage it, probably pretty damn quickly. If you did n't get out of bed there you were shot,no messing.

The anxiety I have less experience of but it often sounds as bad as,or worse than depression. Now the good news is you are not in a concentration camp . YOU CAN have 5 minutes more in bed. Just lie back and relax and listen to your breathing, relax ,and feel your chest moving in and out with your breathing. Just concentrate on your breathing. Nothing else matters for the next 5 minutes. As soon as your mind drifts onto something else , give yourself a mental slap and back to the breathing.

If you've concentrated on the breathing well enough you should be a bit less anxious.

Now are you seriously going to tell me its impossible to get out of bed ? All you do is throw back the coverlet and put your feet on the floor. Quick before the Capo arrives.

Go through the whole day in these small steps at first. Nothing will be as difficult to do as you imagine when you are anxious.

January to now is quite a long struggle so I really think you should see your GP and or a therapist/psychiatrist. You can continue to bear the pain ,despite what you say but a little medical help to help you bear it or to lessen the pain would not go amiss.

Am aware I'm too late to help this morning but I might send the Capo round tomorrow.



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