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Anxiety set back

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After feeling almost normal for over a week (the longest time I've felt good in months) for absolutely no reason yesterday I started feeling funny, foggy in the head again, prob DP/DR and I just couldn't shake it it's here today again not as bad I have heart palps today. I know I would be telling someone else it's just a set back its part of the process and I am trying to stick to that mind set but I think I need a little encouragement..anyone?

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All I can say AAzz is that I've had this for most of my life and I'm still here at 60+years old. It's a lonely, uncomfortable sensation almost like I'm outside of life looking in (depersonalisation) but I have to tell myself that it's become normal for me now, and I can't allow it rule my life.

No one in the medical/psychiatric profession seems to understand why it happens. Oh yes they have medical terms for these symptom but their standard answer to everything is 'stress'. It's pretty contradictory though 'cause it comes on out of the blue and causes stress.

Maybe one day they'll find a hormonal cause and get it sorted, but for now try to accept it as normal for you and don't let it bring you down. xx

We are in this together Aazz! I'm also in the process of trying to cope with my anxiety and DR/DP. Ive had times like that were I'll be feeling good for about a week and then I'm back to feeling bad again if not worse. But then as time goes by its 2 weeks I'll be feeling okay, and then 2 weeks turns into 3, then 3 into 4. Here I am 4 weeks later and havent suffered from no panick attacks :) I'll still get DP here and there, but they are just moments and will pass. Don't surrender, keep moving forward!! ;D

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Thank you for your words it really helped and you are right about the good periods lasting longer the first good period lasted 3 days for me and this time it was a little over a week :)

Oh yes! I have logged on today also for some reassurance. Have been feeling good for the last 5 days and today I have been hit hard with anxiety symptoms. It's so exhausting getting through a day when you feel like this but as everyone says it will pass and we will go on to have better days again. I find the key for me is not to put too much pressure on myself. If I don't feel like doing something I won't force the issue. I also try not to make too many plans in advance as sometimes I find the pressure to keep those plans too much and it brings on a bad case of anxiety.

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Aazz in reply to Laurenpen31

Thank you. You are right I shouldn't push myself to do things when I feel like this as long as I am not curling up in a hole but instead just taking time out.

It's really nice to get reassuring feedback :)

I also have suffered over the years and I know the only thing that helps me is medication. As soon as I try to go off the meds I get very sick with anxiety. So I know it will be a forever thing for me. But thank heavens for that

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Aazz in reply to Printz

I wish I could take meds but I just can't get through the 2 week side effect stage. I'm glad you found relief in them :)

I can attest to the unbelievable symptoms if anxiety. Think I've had most of them. After months of suffering and seeing different doctors whom by the way could never find anything wrong I was recommended to an Acupunturist which relieved me of all of it in three weeks.

I do get some of it from time to time but now I either see the Acupuncturist and I've learned not to freak as much when it hits me out of the blue.

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Aazz in reply to SheKnows

I too found relief in an accupuncturist however it was too expensive for me to keep up. I am currently saving up so I can go again. What else do you do for your anxiety?

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