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Sinking,wobby, on a boat type feeling

Hello everyone..so since feb of this year (2015) i have randomly got this feeling after a night of heavy drinking..it felt like a hangover that wouldnt go away..balance seems off..sometimes i plant my foot down and it feels like that foot sinks down..wobbly when i walk almost all the time..gets worst when i get little sleep..has anybody ever felt this way?

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Research MdDs...see if it fits.

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Hi, although my symptoms are slighly different to yours ive been constantly 24/7 lightheaded/dizzy for 5 months now. after alcohol it happened suddenly. im trying to get to the bottom of it but noone seems to know whats wrong with me.

You must get your ear tests done if you havent already as if it is that (because alcohol can upset the inner ear system) you can then do the vestibular rehibilation exercises so you can get back to normal. I start mine in october. your brain will eventually compensate for any imbalance you are currently experiencing but you need to see someone about it so you can do it faster.

when you are tired your brain has to work extra hard so therefore it will feel worse so dont worry about that part.


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