Has anyone else with health anxiety felt like they were in denial about the physical symptoms that anxiety can actually cause to your body ? Brain fog , weak legs , nausea , inner shaking, feeling like your going to faint , upset stomach, wavy vision , restless leg , muscle spasms or twitching sensations , feeling almost like you aren't real and everything around you isn't either , a flash of heat runs over my body . I mean I just don't quite get how the hell out of nowhere I can be feeling just fine at a store at a restaurant at home and then all of a sudden just feel like the whole world around me is spinning and my heart is racing and my knees are weak , my teeth start to chatter and I want to just fall to the ground . I MISS THE OLD ME !!!

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  • Every damn day.

  • Me too. I can't take it anymore

  • You just said it. Man this anxiety ain't no joke. Everything you just listed I have been through. And yep I cannot even believe that it's all anxiety driven. One minute I'm ok the next I'm questionin everything I know about life.

  • Yes !!! Hate this shit to the point I get mad at myself and wish I could leave my body ! But I'm stuck here in this fucked up way of thinking. Wishing I could be normal again!

  • Me too. I guess this will take a long time

  • Iv just started getting muscle twitches and it's freaking me out! How do you deal with this

  • I just keep on moving. I start cleaning or go for a ride . Idk it's really unpleasant .

  • This link might help ! I read it over and it makes a lot of sense as to the involuntary trembling of the body.

  • Iv been drinking 2 litres of water everyday as well seems to have helped

  • Thank you that was helpful!

  • Exavtly how i feel one mi tue im confident that its anxiety then next mintue im in doubt its like a cycle that keeps repeating itself its very frustrating as for the muscle twitches try magnesium it may help

  • When I want to stop. My brain keep haunting and pressing me. It so annoying

  • I get all those symptoms daily and I just keep thinking it's a health issue even though ive been checked its so uncomfortable it's a constant cycle.

  • Me. I also experience that

  • Anxiety cause a lot of problem. Even a simple thing also I cannot do. It very annoying

  • Annoying in every way

  • Great description, you forgot the high blood pressure. Oh how i hate these feelings

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