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Waking of a morning TERRIFED

I wake up every morning with terrifying fear, I'm isolating myself most days and with not working struggle to get thrught everyday (well every hour ) the future TERRIFES. me, I'm living back with my parents and I can't even start to think about going back home again the fear and it freezers me, why can't I be just like everybody else, I don't do anything a normal person does, I just fool myself I'm living to get through every hour. I'm so frightened I'm never getting out of this PLESSE HELP

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Can you describe your fear? And isolation, yes, that's one thing you should never ever do. It'll lead you into obsessively thinking, and then derealization comes into play. Derealization is when everything feels unreal so I wouldn't wanna isolate myself. Whatever's scaring you, let yourself know that it's all not harmful. It will never hurt you

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I have just poured my heart out to you in a very long text and deleted it by mistake x


Hi peace harmony, I really do appracite your replying to me it means so much thank you, I force myself out every day so although surrounded by people I'm alone in myself, I think the two underlining problems are what is causing the Anxitey ( my councillor thinks IV got post dramatic stress disorder ) I went to a friends wedding last September and have really upset my friend ( not personally at her ) but her and her mum don't want anything to do with me anymore I have apologied and she had expected and will know how heat broken and guilty Iam but that's the way they are dealing with it, I can handle it, get over what IV done, or forgive myself, IV lost to very loyal caring friends that help me through my worst days ( SERVER depression/ Anxitey ) also in December a neighbour and her two daughters waited for me to come home and beat me up. This neighbour moved in five years ago and has made my life hell since, I did call the police but they had a witness to say they didn't do it ( the family are known by the police ) a week later I was admitted in to hospital with a breakdown after driving down the road the wrong way, since then I have struggled with server Anxitey and unable to do everyday tasks, I'm in a rut of doing the same things but at the moment I just can't break out of it, my counsellor and others around me say I'm doing well but they don't know how I'm feeling or what I'm going though as I don't talk to people anymore about it as its going on to long now, people get sick of hearing the same thing, I so very much appreaciate you finding the time to care and support me. I need all the friends I can get xxxx


You sound like you have a lot of issues you need to work through. You can not do it alone. You need counseling, medication and friends or family to be there for you. Please follow your doctor's advice regarding medication and i fear for your safety in the neighborhood you live. Some of your anxiety would probably go away if found a different place to live. Do not give up on counseling. You need to talk about what you are feeling. Learn how to open up. If meds have been prescribed, take them along with working on getting healthy. Takes time but well worth it. I will pray to God for you. He will give you strength and he loves you no matter what you do. It doesn't matter how long you have been suffering or how long it takes to feel better. Don't talk about your problems to you friends. Talk to your counselor. When with friends talk about shopping, movies, music, and etc. Your focus should be having a good time with friends not about you


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