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Feels like having a heart attack or a stroke

Hi anyone can relate to me ive done lots of test ECHO,stress test,24hours heart monitor and ct scan on the head and chest xray and blood test.right now i feel like having a stroke because i felt numb on left side of the face and my left side of my body is really tired and my chest shooting pains running all over it the thing too im a left handler so i always use force on my left so i really dont started last april the whole month then the pnic attacks just come and go i always worry things everytime i felt something in my body its like im a ticking time bomb waiting to explode im happy a person before and now its just gone everything..please help i do acupuncture exercise eating healthy food now afraid of eating junks now..

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The more you think about that sort of pain the more uncomfortable yo will feel.

If you have had all the tests, and the have proved you are ok, then you need to begin to calm yourself as if you do not you will feel worse than you really are.

Generally the tests they perform are very accurate and you need to understand if you cannot accept the problem does not exist you will begin to feel even worse.

Because you suffer from stress you will need to talk to your GP and He/She will be able to address your problem. Talk to yourGP


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I have had all the same things done to me then I went to my therapist I have pts and general anxiety disorder it makes feel all the same things like a heart attack or stroke but it really bad anxiety try and find your triggers and then your outlets everyone diffent hope it start feeling better soon


Very familiar situation with me...its hard but I agree with the others, you have to find a coping mechanism to help, especially if you have been cleared medically. I continue to have some issues but once I get medical clearance, I will be teaching myself these same techniques. I wish you all the best!


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