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Right I have wrote this status before about the blue dot help only if you think you can

I have an obsession about my eyes always want them to be white but I work with dust and stuff and like now ther abit red and a weird colour I hate it I also have abit of killers syndrome which is mean b not harmful but I keep seeing a blue dot seen it a few times today please help I think I am goin insane it's not fair I'm goin to crack up isit a tumor or isit not !!!!!

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Hello John

Well working with dust will give you sore red eyes , you can get some drops Optrex I think they are called that will help with that ....ask in Boots or somewhere tell them about your work and sore eyes they will recommend which one's will be best

John I can tell you a thousand times , I answered your post yesterday , not sure if you read the reply as you have not commented but no I don't think you have a tumor and I am not a Doctor but I know you have been checked out and they cannot find anything wrong and one would not go on all this length of time you would know if you had one by now

But John you really really do need to go and see your Doctor about this , it is taking over your life , it sounds like it is making you ill with worry and I could and others tell you everyday that you are fine but unless you start to work on this anxiety and fear it will make no difference , you really need some Counselling John & I really hope you will go & ask because I would like nothing more than to see you get better :-) x


Thank you had a reasonably good day today was admins I was ringing the doc but coz av had a good day I haven't and yes it is makeing me ill with worry just wana cry x



Glad you have had a good day :-)

I may sound like I am nagging but even when you are having a good day which I hope there are lots of them make that appointment :-/

Looking forward to that post you will do one day saying you have been to the Doctors and explained how you have been feeling

Take Care x

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Definitely have your eyes checked and since you work around dust, do you wear goggles to protect your eyes. I think you won't feel so anxious if you see a doctor about your eyes and wear protective goggles so dust does not get in your eyes.


Yes had eyes tested a month ago all fine and in good nick just said was a few floaters I have broke me eye and cheek bone could this cause it


Hi I constantly have floaters and I never broke my jaw there very annoying when you look left orvrightvu just c these zig zag or strings in front of ur eyesvwhen I got them first I taught I was going crazy it's now I hv to live with them even out on the street I can c them hope you feel ok soon

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If you have been checked out and told you were fine, you should believe them and stop focusing so much on your self. From the previous post, I read you have a baby and she needs you to focus on her. I think the less you think of you and more on your family, your concern will lessen. Anxiety sucks but you wont get rid of your concerns by thinking about it all the time. You need to retrain uour thoughts and feelings. Won't happen overnight but you are blessed with a beautiful baby and family, relatives, friends, activities that you enjoy should be your focus. Not easy but it can be done. If thinking about your anxieties all the time would make you feel better, You would be 100 percent feeling better but since you don't , stop constantly thinking about it and stay active. Anxiety will still be there but stay busy and you will be surprised that it will lessen. Be strong and push through. You are stronger than you think.


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