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Does anyone have changing anxiety symptoms?

It seems like my symptoms change or accumulate a lot. For example, the past 2 weeks I have been having a lot of head pain and my temples hurt. Also like I will feel like my head is full at night and its kind of scary. Maybe I need to practice relaxation more. I maybe practice relaxation about once a week. Its mostly the left side of my head but both sides for my temples.

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Have you been having any sleep lately ??


Symptoms change and a lot of it is that you are focusing too much on how you are feeling. Please stay busy and active and this will help you focus on life and not anxiety. Anxiety will not be so prominent in your thinking if you are focusing on other things like family, friends, job, school, exercising, hobbies. Keep busy so you don't have time to focus on every symptom you feel. If your head hurts, take aspirin like you would normally.. in other words, try to live as normally as you can. Yes, it's hard but if you push through, you will get stronger and healthier.

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