High Anxiety while driving!😣

I dont understand why I have such bad anxiety while I am driving. I also have it while I am the passenger, but not as bad. It's like this horrible impending doom feeling. Like something really bad is going to happen. I used to be able to get in my car without a second thought and drive anywhere, at anytime I pleased. Now I cant even drive to the grocery store 5 minutes from my house! I have lost count of how many panick attacks I had while in a vehicle. I get this heaviness in my chest. I feel like I am not getting enough air, my heart is beating fast, I feel light headed, like I may pass out, my mouth gets super dry, I am so scared!! For what? I DONT KNOW. I just keep thinking of death. Why am I afraid of something that will happen to us all? This us why I pray that when my time is up, to please let it be while I am peacefully sleeping. No pain, no choas, no drama, no violence of any kind. Just calm and peace.


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4 Replies

  • I understand what you're saying. I, too, suffer anxiety while driving. It's horrible! I once had to pull over on a bridge and then had trouble pulling back into traffic to continue on. I hate it and won't drive in large metropolitan areas. I live outside a city of 250,000 population and that is even too big sometimes!!!

  • There's a number of possible issues running through here. You may be associating panic symptoms with what you imagine will happen in the struggle leading up to death. Also, driving is one of those situations in which you can detach, daydream and ruminate on your worries. So the accumulation of your panic association could have been gradual. Consider that panicking and being in charge of a vehicle would cause you to fear your safety if you believe that you don't have control of body/ability to drive. Then there's other fears that could have worked their way into driving e.g. claustrophobia, which is triggered if you are in congested traffic and fear that emergency services won't be able to get to you. Fear of death could be your core issue and you are pulling in any "threats" that expose your fear.

    Your symptoms are classic panic symptoms. If you are generally healthy, then although it's distressing, the worst you'll do is panic. When you can control your panic, you can get on with your life. Breathing techniques are essential:

  • I'm so sorry your going thru that.... I have all the same issues as you do. I've been home bound (that's what I call it,agoraphobia) for 2 1\2 years now...... Just the last 3 months I have improved, I actuality went grocery shopping by myself the first time in over 2 years....I was so bad I was on my wasy one day to my dentist appointment and I got as far as maybe 3 houses down from my house and panicked something awful and went back home....I hate being like this, trapped feeling and missing out on life....but I'm taking baby steps and I will make it....I was so proud of myself the day I went shopping by myself...... Im confident (NO I'M DETERMINED) I will have more days like that. GOD BLESS, you can do it.

  • You pin pointed everything like I wrote it :( message me if you need to talk!

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