Afraid of Dying?

Hello all, I'm 14 with hypochondria. I recently found out that a 14 year old with chronic asthma died from a heart attack. It freaked me out. What freaked me out even more was finding out she had asthma because I have asthma too. And also, it showed that some heart attack victims show no signs of HEART ATTACK! It scares the sh** out of me! I need immediate reassurance. Can't go to the doctors. Help me ! :(


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  • U see it on Web right? Not all the story in internet is not true. Remain calm ur to young to have heart attack. Do u have meds on ur asthma? And 1 thing. "DONT GOOGLE ALL URE SYMPTOMS. " GO TO URE GP. Im 18 yrs old. Same like u. But once 1 week. I always go to my private doctor. To keep me calm, and checked. :)

    U can messages me if u want talk :))

  • *Not all the story is true

  • This made me happy, thank you so much for the reassurance. I will definitely be messaging you sooner if I need it. I just realized I'm healthy but still think I can have a heart attack ! But my other classmates are really unhealthy and they don't even think about heart attacks. Oh hypochondria. Thank you (:

  • Hey hun your too young to think like this .... deep breaths if you read this on internet it can't b all true .... start going out little walks and keeping your mind off it ... worst thing you can do is have your mond racing every day thinking about it .... go to Drs and talk to him it will put your mind at ease ... you are not going to die xx

  • I literally smiled! Thank you so much. I will be seeing my GP soon. Every time I think I'm gonna die I'll go for a walk . Take care and thanks a lot (:

  • Hi watanxiety,

    I am a fellow anxiety sufferer and also a student nurse. I am in the process of setting up a self help website and soon to be charity that will hopefully help people like us who need a bit of relief, someone to talk to whenever they feel unhappy, anxious, upset, depressed or anything else.

    It's dedicated specifically to depression and anxiety sufferers and will provide buddy's, mentors and advocates that people can talk to in a variety of ways instead of speaking to doctors, family, friends; give you a chance to speak about your worries or issues without any judgement or time limits.

    I've also added an online forum, online chat and group discussion option as well as a send it away box - a chance to get all your feelings down without the judgement from anyone.

    The pages are still in provisional planning stages but it may help a lot of you - as it's been designed from the research I've carried out on fellow sufferers. Please take a look and share it around - let's end this suffering in silence, thank you.

  • Im willing to help. :)

  • Bless you! I am much older than you, but I can recall being a young teenager with a load of anxieties on my shoulders. When you are young you don't have life experiences on your side which tell you that EVERYONE has worries. I'm sure you look at your friends and think 'why can't I be like them? Worry free?', but I assure you they will have concerns just like you. You only ever see a snapshot of someone elses life, but you live a lifetime in your own head, so don't compare yourself to others!

    A 14 year old dying from chronic asthma is incredibly rare. If you reaseach it, there is very little literature on this topic, which shows you just how rare it is. Try not to get caught up in the 'heart attack' part of the equation either. 'Heart attack' really is a synonym of 'death'. Everyone that lives has a heart, and everyones heart stops with death. So saying someone died of a heart attack is stating the obvious. It's like saying 'death killed her'. I hope you see my point and take relief from my blurb.

    What is important to understand is that you are not alone in your fears. Having fears means you are a human being that cares.

  • hi their it is scary when you hear that someone has died of a problem that you have and when you link it to what you have it can be very frighting for a 14 year old, i can't say that two Similar things can't go the same way, but on the other hand it can go the other way and not die at all, nobody can tell the future or what's going to happen. may i just say this i should have died twice before the doctors was amazed that i didn't and i'm still facing a life changing operation that could end up either two ways, but there a third way that it could kill me and that is i have and hernia in my stomach that happened back in 97/98 when i had my appendix out they had made such a mass not the doctors but the damaged my body went though i not i'm 48 years old and like you i'm scared to but their one thing i put my faith in and that's the bible, i don't know whether you believe in the bible but their's a scripture in there that builds my confidence up if you would like to know more then please ask take care Alan

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