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Anxiety :(

Hello all! I guess I'm on here just to get some reassurance about some things. First of all my anxiety came out of nowhere about 6 months ago. My face got hot I felt dizzy and etc.

ever since then I can't seem to shake the feeling that something is wrong with me.

I guess I just wanted to get yalls opinions on some things . I have been having really bad chest pain and my left arm seems to be getting really tight , I feel like my body is trembling from the inside and my heart starts racing . So I automatically assume it's a heart attack . . I had an EKG blood work and a chest X-ray and everything was normal . I keep thinking to myself that the doctors missed something . I also keep feeling like I'm forgetting how to breathe. It's really weird . Does anyone else have these symptoms?

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Hi yes had all those symptoms many years ago particularly the left arm thing, to the point my employer at the time called an ambulance and I was whisked away!!!! All boiled down to anxiety and I particular about my health. Try and believe what the Drs have told you . You will be ok x


1973m , first of all thank you for responding :) I really do appreciate it!

And you're right definitely gotta tell my mind to believe all the doctors. Thank you :)


Hi, I have been dealing with these same issues along with others. I am currently seeing a cardiologist because my heart is now palpitating and racing even worse than before from past panic attacks. So far my blood work and test have come back fine. I started taking birth control back in August of last year and I noticed I was short of breath. At that time I went to ER because I was thinking I had a blood clot and they performed a x-ray and it was normal. So here I am a year later still having issues breathing and I went back last night once again did a x-ray and everything is fine. I really feel hopeless because I'm afraid that there is really something with my lungs or something. But they have done as much test as they can. I am beginning to think this is all in my head which is sad. The heart Dr. gave me Paxil and I started that last night. Maybe this will help me but I did have burning sensation while taking it.


Devinlane, hey girl , we seem to be having the same problems and they suck ! We just have to try to tell ourselves it's just anxiety and it can't kill us. I know it's easier said than done but if us that have anxiety can help each other out we can get past it.

Also let me know how that medicine helps you? I really don't wanna depend on medicine but idk. Let me know what you think .


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