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Fed up if hiding

My job is mobile hair dresser but I'm getting alot of anxiety atm so trying to be happy and talk to some one when yiur mind is else where us horrid making me worse I'm scared of the dentist and have a loose filling I'm in no pain just scared to eat jut in case it falls out :( .I've also got to hsve my first ever op that I'm so scared of .. and every one told me to go mobile with my work and then now when I need help woth my daughter who's 16 months my mum moans saying it's ti much but in 3 weeks all she's had her is once for 3 hours so she making me feel bad so it's stressful taking isla with me and her other nanny is off ill due to a op so she can't have her atm ... We in the process of getting her in nursary thou .. so I have alot to think about atm and I just wanna feel relaxed again but I have that horrid feeling in my belly all the time xxx

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sorry to hear you are feeling this way!!

This must be the start of your anxiety, i suppose!!

In this phase be with those people who make feel good and who can understand you!1

Try getting medical help!!

And also you would be behaving somewhat rash to others because of anxiety and constant pain in belly!!

Make sure the people around you , closest to you!

understands you very well!!

They wont understand you totally!

But try your best and dont leave any stone unturned!!

Specially your husband or mother take them with you to doc and tell doc to make them understand what you are feeling!!


Hi taking yr mind off it is the best thing u can do

Try to stay positive N focused

My children are my inspiration I av to get better for them even though they do add to the stress sometimes it's hard I know but I look at there's faces N think I will do this for them



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