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Hitting A Brick Wall!

I have a "bubble" of activies that I can do without having much anxiety or fear of being overwhelmed by a panic attack. If I stay within my bubble for an extended period of time I almost forget that I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I feel a boldness come over me and think that I am back to my old resiliant self.

I then think that I can do something that is outside of my bubble. An example being, taking a job that is some distance from where I live. Suddenly all of those horrible feelings of anxiety begin to emerge. I feel that when I do things that are outside of my bubble that I run into some kind of brick wall. It is like a switch is pressed and I become that very anxious person.

I would welcome any thoughts that you may have on what I can do to move forward.

Very best wishes


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Sorry to see you have no replies , I wondered how you are feeling now and if you have managed to make a decision ?

Your bubble you speak about , I call it my comfort zone , I am fine when I am left in it but try taking me out & instant panic !

Hate change just like what I know but then I get so frustrated as I can also see how much I miss out on by not making changes sometimes

I think you could make a list

One side the pros and cons for not moving jobs the other side pros & cons for taking a job further away from your Bubble ....see which one comes out on top , take a deep breath and go for it which ever that maybe and whatever you do once you have made your decision don't question it

You are not alone in the way you feel but you can do it if you really want to , the anxiety can be a bully & if you want these changes you can let the anxiety bully no it is time to move on

Hope you will let us know what you do :-)

Take Care x


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