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Uploaded a pic of my view from my flat,helps me relax the beach

I see peps adding pics so thought I would lol,hope every1 ok,quick question does any1 else struggle getting up in the morning no get up and go?isit anxiety related?x

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Wow your so lucky living there, what a great view :)

I certainly struggle getting up think that's just due to lack of sleep in my case though x

Mimii x


That view looks incredible :-) I did struggle with getting up and sleeping ect but that was a few months ago it's settle a bit now although I have bad health anxiety xx


Hi and Thanku it's only in West Sussex.lol do u struggle as u get no sleep due to anxiety or?as some nights il sleep like a baby and then other nights find hard to drift off and wake up in middle of night.x


I think that anxiety does play a part in sleeping as sometimes I like you sleep like a baby and I am on 150mg Sertraline and at night I take 30mg Amitriptaline both of which are supposed to have sedative effects I can still be awake at 3 or 4 in the morning if I have had a particularly bad day, hope you sleep tonight :)


Wow !!!!!!!!!!! what a great view, wish I was there.

I have wanted to go to the sea for last ten years, but have been to stressed out to travel there. But it is one of my goals now to get to the sea for the weekend.

I get up to early in the morning, some times 5am, then it is one long day. But I do know people who have trouble getting up due to there anxiety.

Thanks for posting the photo I can almost smell the sea. gardener x


Lovely view :)

Difficult to say if your symptoms are anxiety related I guess without knowing a little more....

Sue xx


Thanks for all your replys,yes I recommend a good walk along the beach,or were ever u live ie. forest,nice gardens,river etc as personally I find it helps me clear my head a little and it's peaceful.as for my anxiety I over think everything and have a fear of being sick or fainting in a public place,so I have had to start working from home,left a solid job because the anxiety over took.have any of u got advice of dealing with anxiety as I am atm seing a hypnotherapist only 2 treatments in,Got to keep going to that as think it will help,tried cbt done nothing atall,and last resort would be medication but personally I want to avoid that. :) x


Flipping heck , what a view , how lucky are you , I would think I was lucky if I went on holiday & was given a room with a view like that !

Mornings are the worse time for me

I am not a morning person

Once I am up , takes my brain a couple of hours to catch up with the rest of me , even though it can remind me straight away that I have anxiety !





Hi, lovely view, would I be right in thinking that's Seaford?

Yeah I'm not great in the morning, have to give myself a kick up the butt just to get in the shower!:)) x


What a fantastic view you have seeing that every day has got to give you a lift Porgie I always find the sea calming :)


I can't get up in the morning because it takes me so long to get to sleep at night