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Terrible feeling

After a good day yesterday today I am feeling very uncomfortable. I don't even know how to explain it I just feel uncomfortable in my own skin so I'm lying in bed. Today I don't have the kids so I really wish I could enjoy myself and do something I like instead of lying in bed with anxiety. I always feel so defeated when I have to resort to diazapam I'm so scared of getting addicted so I rarely take it I just suffer :(

Sorry just a little rant

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Ugh!Thats exactly what I do when I'm anxious...hop into bed! It's like the only thing that sort of comforts's like my "safe" place.Hang in there.


Thank you :)


Hi Aazz, I understand your feelings in respect of diazapram. Like you I use diazapram as a last resort. I sometimes feel anxious in bed in the morning and have found that if I get up and just immerse myself in the activities of the day that my anxiety drifts away. I hope this tip is of help. Very best wishes Mark


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