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I posted about last year and noww the beast is back.

It's start when i read an article about a cancer patient survive in her disease. I dont know why, i feel shakky, panicky, and have chest pain when i read that article. After that.. I google again (WRONG MOVE) about heart disease, symptoms blah blah blah. ANd then my body feel the pain. Jaw pain, and ARM. (left)

AND i have 1 question please answer me.

my grandfather died at 54 bcoz if diabetes... and one of my uncle have it.. Im worrying to much that i can have it too. and Die from diabetes. Please help.. my mom and dad doesnt have that...But still worry.

Can i have diabetes too?? Im obese 18 years old male.

Thanks XX

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My grandfather had diabetes and my uncle and aunt have it. My dad (grandfathers son) doesn't have it. I got diabetes while pregnant but it went away after my kids were born. You would know you had diabetes by now. Yes, it's possible to still get it as you age but that is why we need to exercise and eat healthy to keep it away.

Just because someone in your family has it doesn't mean you will.


Thanks for the reply :)) How it went away?? Im afraid coz many of people died coz of that disease.


Hi there anxiety is a horrible thing to have, but about diabetes, it is good to keep your weight down and reduce sugar and carbs in your diet to avoid getting diabetes. Wishing you well.


Women can get diabetes when they are pregnant. It's called gestational diabetes. It usually goes away as soon as the baby comes out but there is a small chance it could stay. My sister developed diabetes after she had kids. Diabetes can be all in your family and you still could not get it. Since I had diabetes while pregnant I'm more prone to get it in the future but I'm staying on top of it and working out and eating healthy.

maybe see a nutritionist to help you with eating habits. And walk. Walking is really good for your health physically and will help with anxiety.

I'm really into healthy living if you need any advice on it. Good luck.

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Oops I responded under the wrong person


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