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Dizziness , Heart raising and slowing , Pain in the neck and back , And freaked out

Hey guys im from iceland so sorry if i spell something wrong hope you understand.

it all starter when i my girlfreind got a virus that can cause meningitis and it was diagnosed late,

and you know what couple do so i was pretty sure i had that virus to and i was gonna die from meningitis,

becuse everyone keept saying it was just anxiety and i was just freaking out, i bought that and soon its just wore off and i was back to my old me, one night i was just chillin watching a move and suddenly my heart started pumping really fast and me that get freaked out easily i just made it worse, my mom and dad talked my out of this and again they said it was anxiety but this time i didnt listen, so nothing happend much after that other than i was shaking and scared to go to sleep. but it soon wore off,

(btw i have had struggle with marijuana im 16 and sometimes i smoke heavily and no problem but i think this has a big part of the things im going thru, im not smoking now and im not planing to do no more)

the problem that i have to day is im getting really dizzy mostly when im tired and im scared that there is some health problems going on, i went to the doctor 2 and i told him what i have been going thru i thought i was going to have stroke because i have pain in my neck to the left and it has been for days,

im still thinking that im going to have a stroke, my heart is raising and slowing, and mostly everything that isnt normal freaks me out. i was not a anxiety person and had no problem with depression but my doctor and my parents tell me i have depression but it dont feel that way, all im asking is what the f is going on, i feel so unnormal, im not scared of having anxity im scared of some health issues that im going to wake up in hospital completely paralyzed or something in that way, i cant stop googleing because i need know if im alright, im really tired of people saying its just anxity but please be honest and if you think this is anxiety than say it, if its anxiety will i get over it will i ever be normal? thats the only thing in the whole world i want right now to just sit down and watch a movie and play video games with out thinking im dying? this very annoying and im getting pist but i cant help it me myself is saying im fine but my brain is like dude your dying your gonna drop down in ay second. im sorry for the wrong spelling hope you can read, tell me everything that i need to know if this is anxiety something that will help me get out of that zone. and if you thing this is somekinda health issue say that to even tho i will get paranoid but that will mby save my life <3

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Marjuana is a no go believe me will make you a whole lot worse that will be the main cause of it take my advice I smoked it for ten year now I'm a wreck I Dont associate don't go out nothing seems real I'm constantly tired and paranoid think everything is up with me. Dizzy of balance weak always sink when falling a sleep can't talk to any one without panicking and goin funny I run away it's awful


So your saying that you havent always been that way ? that the weed maked you like this? or made it worse


Been like I am now seven year it's awful feeling the way I do I do believe the weed made me like this yes I woke up daily smoking it everyday morning till night and one day I had the worst panic attack ever and never been me self since I feel stoned like a drinking feeling everyday even tho I don't touch drink or drugs but I do smoke cigarettes


And also never touched it since that day and I wouldn't am scared to even take paracetamol lol



Firstly you don't have to say sorry for your spelling , I mean I could not write in your language at all I could not even spell Hello so why do we expect everyone to be fluent in English ? and yours is very good anyway :-)

Something in lot's of cases triggers someone's anxiety and looks like the fear from your Girlfriend been ill may have triggered yours however I must say you have a fear of dying and your health yet you are smoking drugs ? this can damage your health more than anything else as well as making you feel anxious and depressed and the best advise I would give you is to get help and stop the drugs and you may find that this will solve a lot of how you are feeling and if it does not solve everything it certainly will help

Take Care x


thank you for your answer, i have an answer for why i am cought up in smoking, i was not this way, so you know i had nothing to worry about, (and that canabis will not kill you but sure it effects your health but we have all done something stupid in my case i was just messing around and got hooked) but im looking at the bright side i think what im going thru helps me better to quit, so i smoked and every thing was smooth but as soon as i started to feel this way canabis made it worse, so i quit and i am sober today, my system is not clean but im not smoking again, cant promisse anything to you or myself but my mind is on focusing on being sober. and ofc really focusing on my anxiety and these problems i deealing with


Don't smoke it honest please you will never get better do ya no that can send you into a mental hospital with wouldn't be good because your a young lad shake ya self up lol I've learnt I'm that bad through smoking that shit I detest it


You have anxiety and many people here will be nodding their head in agreement because they have the same symptoms. Your anxiety has been triggered by extreme fear and you are now in a fear-anxiety-fear loop. I was just 18 when I first had anxiety - I had measles, pretty severe attack, but their was a lot of pressure on me at the time, exams, leaving school, new job etc. I recovered because I began to forget about my symptoms. I was out enjoying life and gradually, without realising, I didn't feel bad anymore. This is the way forward. Accept you have anxiety - in otherwords, lose your fear and your mind and body will heal. I had many years without anxiety symptoms. I have it again because I didn't deal with stress as I should have, and when I was faced with major events, My mind and body couldn't cope anymore. It needed to rest. I think worriers are most prone. You are young and have great capacity to heal. Take the pressure off your mind, allow it to rest (remove fear). Live your life as you would want, rationalise these fears and be free. You will recover. Have a look at this page. Written by someone who has suffered and recovered. anxietynomore.co.uk/


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