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26, had full hysterectomy and suffering from severe depression and anxiety

Hi all I'm new on this page and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Mandy 26 and currently living in Melbourne Australia. Due to heal problems and many years with endometriosis I finally had a hysterectomy in May. Since then I have had sever anxiety and depression it's so bad I just feel like it's never going to end.

I am going into a hospital tomorrow for a couple of weeks to have all my meds changed and learn properly how to get better because this is killing me.

Thanks for reading please share your stories with me

Mandy :)

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Hi Mandy

Sorry to hear you are suffering with this illness I've had it nearly 3 mths now possibly a lot longer before I was diagnosed

But I'm steady away on medication which helps

I also bought sum kalms that takes the edge off if I need to go out anywhere

I don't know what started this off for me but have experienced many of the symptoms

Tension headache

Chest pain

Heart paluptations

Dizziness lightheadness

Hot cold

Pins n needles


Face ache

Jelly legs

N on n on

I av also got a relaxation app on my phone which helps a lot n also getting cbt through councilling was only my first one on Friday

N yes this site is brilliant I'm glad I got told about it

Coz you are not alone

All the best





I so felt for you when reading your post

I had an hysterectomy at 39 a few years ago now and have always said it made my anxiety worse as well as leaving me feeling just not the same but you are so young my heart really goes out to you

I do know that this is a big operation and some do react to it in the way you describe but please have faith things will get better and once they have the combination of medications you need it should slowly start to improve

Tell them everything about how you are feeling , don't hold back because the more you can tell them the better support and help you will get

Please come back and let us know how you get on

Take Care x


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