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Pains.. Is it really anxiety?

I'm having heart flutters. And also throat, neck, shoulder, back and leg pains. My thorat is really red and hurts when I eat and I have shooting pains in my leg. I'm so tired of feeling new and different pains everyday I'm in the process of finding a new doctor because I'm not exactly satisfied with mine. I'm just not covinced it's anxiety. I have cramps in my arms I just feel like I'm falling apart.

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Hi There, same thing with me having same symptoms going to see my cardiologist today I've done all test in the pass 3 months all came back normal but for the past 9 days I've been having sharp pains and flutters on my chest areas they don't let me sleep at night going for an angiogram next week ... I know it's anxiety but I'm trying to rule all possible causes before assuming...


It is 100% anxiety :) I had the exact same thing, went to er 15 times, saw my doctor twice as much, had all tests some even twice and every kind of blood tests there is. The moment you accept them and reduce the stress level they fade away :) Trust me. I use to have a few every day and pains all day and currently I have none.


Thank you so much! I'm just so scared I'm dying and my obsession with googling everything doesn't help:/ I'm just in pain all the time and recently have been so scared I have cancer. im gonna try to just come to the fact it is anxiety and it's al in my head. I've been to the er at least 6 times and they always just tell me to relax. Ugh it's so annoying g feeling this way. Thank you again!


Try not to Google it will make you panic more because it will always tell you the worst if you need to talk message me I got your message and you sound you are having the exact same symptoms as me I am not convinced either that it is anxiety causing these pains and sickness but I am willing to give it a try and see if treating anxiety does get all of this to go away. It is very hard for someone with anxiety to know when there is something actually wrong because our bodies are so hypersensitive would love to talk more about these symptoms. :-h be strong and try to relax I find that Shaking your leg or bouncing it takes my mind off some of the symptoms and it also has been known to stop the shaking that anxiety causes message if you want more info xxx


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