Anxiety Support

It comes and goes...and then comes again

Hello everyone. So recently I have been alot better at managing my anxiety symptoms and trying to maintain a positive outook on life..and its been working! My depression has supressed alot, and I don't feel so anxious throughout the day thse past couple of days since my last post. Ya'lls comments on my last posts have really motivated me and helped me alot!

My biggest challenge yet is to overcome my fear of my breathing stopping suddenly. This fear seems to magnify 100 X at night. But it makes sense to me why my mind would do that. It senses "danger". My body seems to be already programmed to have a panic attack before I go to sleep, because thats how it all started in the first place. Right before I went to bed I focused alot on my breathing, and when I do that I start controlling it, and when I do that I disrupt my breathing pattern which leaves me choking and gasping for air with chest pains. So I guess laying in bed thinking about sleep is my weird.

I have also been able to sleep alot better. I dont stay up so late as much as I used to. I went from sleeping till 4 or 5, to now sleeping at 12 or 1, which is such a big improvement for me!

My anxiety,depression, and insomnia come and go, but I'm glad I have remedies to control those feelings for when I do get them. For one, ya'lls comments and advice help me keep my head up, and make me have something to look at and read when I can't sleep at night, so thank you so much for that ;)


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