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Will you choose cancer or AIDS over anxiety and depression issue?

Hi guys,

I dont want to discourage anyone here.But I have one question in mind for long that I am suffering for last five years from GAD and I have thought so many times that It would have been better if I would have gotten some serious problems like Cancer or AIds , those in which wont have to suffer long!!

And people around me would be able to understand what I am going through!!

Are there any who think this way because I think that I am tired of feeling this way like zombie!!!

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To answer that question, no, I wouldn't chose any terminal disease over anxiety

I say this Maybe because I am not too deep into anxiety yet, but till now, my anxiety, it is easy to fight with it. I may not know the true magnitude of having a terminal disease, but I have been side by side with a person who had it, My brother. He lost his senses and literally had not control over his body and rationality in his last days. He was diagnosed with Meningitis.

I wouldn't chose a terminal illness over anxiety.

because Maybe I have learned to live with it.

Hope this helps



Hi, I think the same some days. But I wouldn't pick those over anxiety, even though anxiety has pretty much ruined my life


A resounding NO! Both cancer and AIDS create their levels of massive anxiety and neither are necessarily quick to be over with... Now you have the anxiety of terminal illness, pain, etc...

I do feel like, there are days, that people would have more empathy for me if I had a physical illness. But, I've tried to educate my family on GAD and panic attacks. While they may not always understand, they are accepting and supportive.

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I'm the same id rather still av my health and wits about me than have a serious terminal illness

I've got 2 kids to support and though they don't know fully what gad is I put a smile on my face for them n they sumtines help me get through the day

I'd rather them see me painting a smile on my face and try to do things with them as appose to seeing me bed ridden or in n out of hospital every other day for treatments that can wipe you out


Watched a friend die of AIDS and my adopted brother die of cancer. Ill take the anxiety disorder.


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