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DP/DR There is hope!

Hi all I was having a really bad case if derealization and lightheadedness for a good month it was so scary and upsetting probably for me the worst part about anxiety but I came across an article just about 2 weeks ago that was so fantastic and I must say I have minimal if any lightheadedness and the DR is drastically better God willing it stays this way. And what little I have left doesn't bother me. Basically after reading this article I stopped being afraid that it would last forever and I kept telling myself don't worry this won't last and it can't hurt me and I think this mindset has really worked. I wonder if I did this for all symptoms would it help. I still have anxiety but that part is much better and for me was the worst part.

Here is the link to the article


I hope it helps you :)

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Trust me it's DP/DR due to anxiety. I post this link to everyone asking about DP/DR it helped me greatly. Good luck



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