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Scared all the time :(

I am so fed up feeling scared all the time! Heart racing, I feel like I am expecting something awful to happen a lot of the time and the most scary symptom of anxiety I have is feeling unable to breathe, can't catch my breath, it's so horrible. My muscles are all tense and stiff causing painful neck, shoulders, back and up the back of my head, causing terrible migraine/cluster headaches. I have IBS and rheumatoid arthritis in my neck, back, hands and feet. I'm practically house bound because of fear of going out alone and having panic attack. I sometimes go shopping with my partner and I am so scared, then I get all het up and flustered sorting the groceries at the til and putting them in the shopping bags and paying, especially if there is a queue behind me. It's so frightening, i'd rather stay at home, safe with my two gorgeous fur babies.

I'd love to feel calm, relaxed and go out and about like most people do. I was made redundant March 2015, but when I was working, my partner would take me to work and meet me after or i'd panic. I am now on ESA, but have an Assessment next Monday 6 July and i'm worried sick about that now. I know I'm ill and I know I can't work, I'm 56 this year. Has anybody been on ESA with depression/anxiety/IBS and rheumatoid arthritis? I hope I get through the assessment, my partner is coming with me. I don't want what little money ESA is to be stopped.

From Flustered Linda Xx

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I am sorry you are going through such a bad time at the moment & you are going to feel anxious with this benefit thing coming up , I could go into a rant about how genuine people have to be put through this but it would not change how the system works

I am really pleased you have your partner to support you when you go

Many do pass these interviews & get what they are entitled to , but one tip I would say is answer any questions on your worst day that you have & avoid saying some days you can do things if you know what I mean

I know it is not easy not to worry when it comes to things like this , but try telling yourself all the worrying in the world will not change how this goes but also tell yourself that you can appeal if you needed to & I hope you would but I also hope that will not be necessary and sense prevails & they can see you are genuine & at this moment not capable for work

Good Luck & let us know how you get on x


I know exactly how you feel,

Right now I'm dealing with anxiety, I drank a little z-qyil to help me fall asleep,

and since i had a sharp chest pain/ heart pain I thought that it was because of the medicine and I was hoping nothing would happen to me,

But I find that funny because I've done hardcore shit like LSD and ecstasy but here I am tripping out over a little z-qyil lol.

It's just the over anxious mind, it's funny but fucked up how it plays games with our heads,

I hope you feel better, I know all the other symptoms of anxiety are easy to control the hardest one is the heart burn or chest pains those are the two symptoms that make me freak out the most, so here i am at 3 in the morning trying to calm myself down before i finally fall asleep.

hope you feel better . ! (:


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