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Hi All.

Yesterday afternoon I had a lovely time. Went for a picnic with my partner in a well known park. It was great. we spent several hours there just whiling away the time and eating junk food. IE Sweets, Chocolates ETC. I don't usually eat them in that volume.

When we got home we done the cats as we normally world and chilled out watching TV.


I was pretty tired and drifted in and out of sleep. About 12.30am. I had a sudden rush of adrenaline. You all know what I mean...

Pounding heart, cold sweat, brain going a million miles per hour etc. I was sweating the rest of the night. I stayed quietly in bed and put my eye mask on but tossed and turned it was terrible.

I eventually got up about 8ish and feel so anxious. Cold sweating and scared. I was supposed to attend the last two sessions on a college course that was only 6 weeks long. I am not able to do that I feel so scared and stressed out and I am all alone until 8pm tonight.

I need to do something. I need someone with me.

I know this sounds dramatic but it is how I am feeling.

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You are not being dramatic it is scary.. Are you ok? Has the feeling passed. I'm here and will wait for your reply. Let me know your ok love eve x

Hi Eve.

Thank you for your support. I am not really ok. Still feel all jittery etc. Do you think it could be the excess sugars and E numbers from yesterday?


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It could well be. I've pretty much eliminated sugar and feel better for it or it could just be one of those things. You might be coming down with a virus. Don't worry about missing college your health is more important. drink plenty of water and try to eat well today. do you do yoga or pilates? ive found it helpful to relax me when I feel like that love eve x

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Could college email anything to you so you could set a time later to do a little bit? It's horrible being alone when you feel like this. My husband works late some nights and I couldn't wait for him to come home. I find it helpful to have a routine.. I go for a walk, come back and have lunch, set a time to have a soak in the tub. Could you pop out and buy a mag or have you got a book you could look at. Just trying to think of things to fill your day for you. I'm ironing and tidying kids toyboxes! So feel free to rant at me if it helps x

I don't really feel un well apart from those symptoms. I always wanted to try yoga or something like that. I think part of my anxiety is actually committing to things? I need a whole life re structure to be honest Eve.

I was diagnosed with GAD about 12 months ago. When I look back. I think I have had thee symptoms on and off for around 20 plus years.

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I've struggled for 20+ years too. It took my breakdown to make me completely re-evaluate my life. I find it hard being in groups so I bought a really good Pilates DVD and I do that at home. I've started jogging too and I haven't run since a teenager... I have to wear a tena lady now lol x


I am a newbie to this forum (I'm a regular in the Gluten Free Guerilla's), but felt I would like to try to help if I can (I also have anxiety issues).

Anxiety attacks are not pleasant - I do understand that horrible rush of adrenaline feeling. Have you got to be alone? Is there anyone you can invite around for a drink etc? I know you don't feel up to going to college but is there anywhere else you are able to go instead? - Maybe for a walk around the block/local park etc?

I have several things that I find helpful . The first is Tai Chi - which once past the beginning stages, can be done anywhere at anytime; another thing I find really calming is going for a swim and sauna. Often putting the TV on helps me because it takes my mind off things and makes the house feel less empty.

Now I get that everybody is different and these might not be your thing. When I'm trying to say is to have a go at finding something you like doing and not feel guilty about doing it. It may not have been what you intended to do today but so what! If it gets you through the day then it is probably the right thing to do.

Many thanks for your motivational input. I have just started brushing the cats. It is so weird how the anxiety just changes your whole persona. I really would do almost anything to rid myself of this for good.

When I finish the grooming I shall do what has been suggested and go out for a walk get some fresh air.

I do watch the TV a fair bit in the evenings. I tend not to put it on in the day so I don't just sit there.

Well, on the other hand. It is better to watch the TV etc then to feel like this.

I was thinking of joining the gym again. As Eve said routine is very important.

Thanks once again x


I'm a bit new to all this as well, but one thing I have noticed is that caffeine sends my anxiety through the roof, weird that I only realised that a week or so ago, so maybe the sugar is the same thing????? I always try and find time to read a favourite book for a while to get away from it all - normally seems to calm me of only for an hour or so - good luck. Everyone is with you, so not totally alone ;-) - much love

Hi Russ.

I am pretty new to this site to. Well, caffeine is a stimulant so is sugar. I can only put it down to this. It give me a focus so I can pinpoint it really rather than think I am going off my head.

Thanks it means a lot x

I would like to bet that you have just become your cats favourite person for feeding AND grooming them today - such feline luxury! Even when you're feeling rubbish you're still achieving some good kind deeds.

Btw, I am sure your cats think you're purrfect just as you sorry, I just couldn't resist that one!


Thank you once again for the kind messages.


I have bathed, dried and groomed four long haired cats. What a task! 4 hours work still feeling rubbish. Picking fur from my eyes ears nose and any other place it landed>

Looking Purrrrfect now Regal.

Wish I could just wash and groom the anxiety off like that.

Hi, I know exactly how you feel, I am exactly the same. I hate this but i've been suffering with anxiety for 8 years and it will always go away. Nothing terrible ever happened to me, even if at that time I feel like I am going to die in any minute or get crazy. It is just in our heads, nothing is going to happen to you. When I feel like that long shower helps me and doing something. I usually clean the house. Fingers crossed, it will go away, it always does. Sorry for my English , I am not native English.

Morning. I find if you keep your mind active it does help, especially with positive things that need attending to, once you have done them your sense of achievement really helps to banish the horrible symptoms.

Only people that suffer with intermittent anxiety can relate to the feelings we face and have to deal with x

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That's it, keep the mind active it works wonders. Trying new things too and exercising are great.

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