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Separation anxiety

Hey everyone

Recently I have been suffering really bad from anxiety I did get it under control for a while but after some recent events ive had a relapse.

My anxiety seems to be worse to when I am not around my partner i feel very stressed and anxious and tense if he is not around and I miss him so much even if its for an hour.

I was looking into separation anxiety in adults and wondered if anyone else here has suffered with this and how they dealt with it and found it on a daily basis.


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Yep sounds like me. Anxiety from leaving home n moved into a house with my fiancé. All went bad n I moved back home n now our relationship is just friends :( I've learned I was pathetic n gave in. Now I'm just depressed. Back home where I thought I wanted to be n I'm not happy. I've ruined my relationship n my future.

One thing I wish I could do - not give up. But I did. So please don't give up if you want to stay with your partner. Xx things will get better. Message me anytime if you like xx


I hate being alone and my anxiety is always worse when I am on my own. When I know I am going to be home alone I start to feel really panicky and tearful. Going out alone is also a big problem for me. It's so frustrating!

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Ye I am the same. I always feel ok when my partner is there with me but its got to the point now where I struggle going to work and letting him go to work. I worked where he did and had to be moved as his work colleagues and some of mine decided it would be funny to cause trouble and shit stir. They were horrible to me and really victimized me so I was moved, now I feel worse and even more paranoid cause he is there with them, makes me so angry he has to even sit in the same room as them so every day is a struggle. Weekends I am fine x


That's rubbish. Sorry to hear that. Have you been to a professional (Dr/counsellor) for help? X


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