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Feeling lightheaded and tired

Okay, so ultimately, Derealization and lightheadedness were what initiated my first panic attack after Id been working out a lot and was overcaffeinated.

I've been going to a nutritionalist and he's given me stuff to help kind of clean out my system and hes a huge advocate of no sugar. It can cause over 146 things, ranging from cancer to skin problems.

Well. I've noticed that now I'm more sensitive to foods. For example, bread doesn't look appetizing anymore. And I feel gross after I eat a good amount of sugar. Anyway, yesterday in the store, I felt really lightheaded and was freaking out that Id pass out (I didn't) and then I got a burger after. Like two minutes after I ate the burger, my DP seemed to get worse and I was feeling really scared at why I suddenly felt so off and thought I was ready to keel over or something. Never did. (My mom told me the meat had a preservative in it that was a chemical she could taste and thought that could be it.) I know sugar is a stimulant so it makes anxiety symptoms worse. I was just wondering if last night would constitute as a panic attack? I don't really care, like I'm not freaking out about it and I've experienced and overcome panic attacks (both awake and asleep) so that's why I was just wondering since there are different kinds of panic attacks.

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Well not sure if it is a panic attack, derealisation tends to fluctuate a lot Since it is a flight or fight response. I guess that anything that makes you more anxious worsens the symptoms.


Hey, I've experienced the same thing before and one of the most frustrating things about anxiety attacks is they literally come out of nowhere as a physical symptom and then boom, you have a panic attack caused by the physical symptom thats caused by anxiety. Always see a Dr and i agree with kicking the sugar out and caffeine as well. From time to time they're okay in moderation.


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