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When does it end :(

Hi all...I'm new here and would love to hear other peoples experiences of coping with anxiety/depression...especially any mums of young struggle started after my eldest child was born...she's 12...i was diagnosed with postnatal depression...I recovered from it but it has reared its ugly head after eachof my children...I have 3 aged 12...10 and 15 months....I thought I had escaped it after my last baby but I am...tortured after being free from it for over 8 years...I despise how it makes you feel...weak..exhausted..confused...scared of the silliest things...and how it affects people around you...I HATE IT!!! I've fought it twice before but this time I'm not so sure I have the strength..anxiety/depression is a curse and affects so many aspects of your life...unless you've been through it you can't understand what its partner is useless...he just doesn't get how I feel....anyways I could go on and on but I won't...just want to feel better again

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I'm so sorry you feel this way. Anxiety and depression are hideous and as there is no physical symptom people on the outside can see then it's tough for them to support others through the darkest and toughest days. I hope you find the strength to fight this again and remember the good things in your life. Take care. Here if you need to talk.


Now, I'm being a hypocrite for saying this because I struggle to put it into action myself, but after reading about recoveries, talking about it with those recovered, how to get over anxiety is to NOT fear it. Saying you hate it builds it up. The objective is to become impassive to it. accept it for what it is; your body's response to being overly stressed. So like, changing the way you perceive it as a first.

Throw out "I hate" and "awful" and "unbearable." Change it to, "you know, I don't like how I feel, but that's okay. It's just my body high on stress."

It can take the body four times as long to calm down than it does to initiate stress so this can take months. That's why it's hard. You have to stay impassive for awhile, but now that I think back four years ago, I did it once when I was just having circumstantial anxiety, and not a full blown thing of it. Anyway, this is HOW you combat it. I will never accept the "you'll just have to live with it," lie. No. You'll have to live with it for now, so your body can rest. That's the truth.


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