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Really Scared

This crampy feeling has me freaking out. I read about bowel obstruction and since i have a fear of being sick, THIS IS LIKE APPARENTLY AWFUL. But no one is listening to me; I'm so scared this is something and no one will realize it until im agony. I'm not nauseous or bloated. This eases up when I'm doing something I get into and as soon as I think about this again, it's back in five minutes. I feel constipated, but I'm still going but then I read that that doesn't necessarily mean there's nothing wrong AND IT FREAKED ME OUT. This isn't like....really painful, it's irritating and nagging, but I'm not like....doubled over or anything. My back is out of alignment which doesn't help but I just don't know how this could be anxiety related. It takes physical effort for me to relax my stomach, but I feel like I'm just waiting for something really really bad to happen!

And now I may spend my hard earned money to go down to the ER AGAIN having just been there two weeks ago and having the doctor tell me that she's not concerned. BUT I AM. No one believes me though because I used to be positive I had an ulcer, and after that hypoglycemia. Then Addison's disease at one point. But now I'm obsessing over bathroom stuff and it's becoming a chore.

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Dear Trea

I'm sorry you are having such a bad day... So am I... Like you, I am not feeling really confident that my problem will ever be solved. I have a pelvic cat scan coming up this coming Wednesday afternoon... I am both scared and anxious as to what it might show (or not show)...

My diarrhea had been getting a bit better now getting worse... I know you can really have bad anxiety with FEELING like it...if that makes sense... its all deeply embedded...

I just want to say I hope you get better very soon and that I can relate to what you are saying... I'm sorry I can't be up more help... I wish I could. Sending you a hug.


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