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Ticklish feeling at night?

I've been feeling ticklish all over my body at night which causes me to stay up for 2-3+ hours and its honestly getting worse. Its not bugs or anything, I've never woken up with bites. The only solution to the feeling is scratching it, but it comes back in a matter of seconds. Does anyone know exactly what this is?

(Ironically, I'm in bed and feeling ticklish at this moment haha)

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Sorry you have had no replies after posting , I will try & answer as I have & do get this sensation you speak about , not all the time but now & again & I know it can drive or make you feel you are going mad

I think it is when we are anxious that is the cause like all the nerve endings coming to the surface giving this itching feeling & the more we focus on it then the more we seem to itch

Have you spoken to your doctor about it , just so they can check that there is no other cause ?

The other thing I find helps is to have my bedroom cool at night as heat can make us feel itchy

Hope you get this resolved & Take Care x


I have the exact same problem. I even thought it was static electricity in the bedding causing my hairs to move. Its not an itch, but more of a small tickle feeling. And it does go from my face to my ears and my legs in a second. It does happen more once i focus more on it. No bite marks or evidence of lice or bed bugs. It is true however, that it happens less when my room is cool and not warm. If you guys find an answer let me know!!!


I have been having the same problem for the last two months. But I think it's all because of anxiety because when I am at bed my focus is only on the tickle sensation which I don't get when I am engaged in some work.

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