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I never knew what I was really going through over the years but I had a stressful life growing up n other stress now. Its not too bad now but my dreams sometimes trigger my anxiety. I often worried over my eyes since of lately.... First it was my breathing now its both. Well I just took a lexotan. It helps n I manage to stay awake. It relaxes me. I also ave pcos, no kids but I am married 12 yrs now. That help stress me out too.... But my cycle is doing much better n I'm not on any meds for my pcos for years now... As for getting pregnant... I really leave that part to Jesus.... Sometimes I wish I had to the money to sort out that part of my life. Anyway, because of my anxiety I am afraid to go out to strange places n travel to other countries. I lost my business n I feel alone at times. I. Don't ave much friends. Only two that really cares for me. One is going thru the same thing as me. I will not take any antidepressant meds....apart fr the lexotan. I take the lexotan now n again. Anyways.... God bless u all....

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  • Hey there sweetie. Know that your anxiety won't last forever. Take a deep breath. All of your worries and fears from anxiety are likely to not happen. There are many many many natural remedies like eating healthier, exercise, taking anti anxiety supplements... If you don't want anti depressants (which I am on and there are no problems with them as long as you have the right doctor), I would recommend anti anxiety mess to just take as needed 😊. Eventually you will learn to cope and you will be anxiety free as I am! Much love, xx

  • Thank you.... :)

  • You're welcome darling 😊

  • Yes, Kamela, there ARE a lot of nice people in the world... In fact, I honestly believe that MOST people are nice... as for the others: just let 'em be!! :) One always gets MORE of what you FOCUS on.... I agree that this is really a nice group... Have a good day and take care.

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