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Hey guys,

I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder at the age of 18, after several counselling sessions i was told to try 50mg of Zoloft, an SSRI and it was working for me to relieve the symptoms of Panic Attacks. I was on the drug for nearly 10 years with no issues at all, and finally weaned my self of it last year. I was off the drug for 6 months then started to feel dizzy so my GP told me to go back on the drug. I went on it again 50mg and it was horrible, I felt very anxious, heart palpitations, head fog, sever Panic Attacks, feeling like i'm living in a dream state and nausea, I couldn't sleep and I was feeling very dizzy. How could this be when i was on the drug for 10+ years and it was working for me for all that time?

I was told to go off the drug by my doctor, I am feeling less like i'm in a dream state at the moment but the dizziness is now worst, and i get heart palpitations. I'm feeling anxious (i wasn't when i was told to go on the Zoloft a second time by the way, i was only feeling dizzy like on a boat sensation), from time to time but can deal with it, and my head feels constantly like its in a vice and very "brain foggy", i often worry that i'm going crazy or something, why is this? Did going back on the Zoloft a second time do me damage? I recently lost my father 2 years a go and am dealing with the grief, and am also going through a very stressful relationship. I realise these are areas of my life i need to deal with in order to rid of the anxiety, but the issue with re-taking the Zoloft is very strange and scary can someone help me with this any ideas, answers etc ????? Has anyone experienced a similar issue with re-taking anxiety medication?

Also do the Brain fog and tension head aches eventually go away, and if so how?

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