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Feeling unwell

Hi to all

i was woundering if any one can tell me or advice me as to why im feeling unwell.

i cannot pin point it to one thing i cannot really describe it apart from im really struggling day to day.

because every thing i do is an effort just putting aload in the washing machine that may sound riddiclous

but it's a effort im getting to the point that i dont want to wake up because of how ill im feeling i dont sleep to good prob an hour then i wake then i go bck to sleep for an hour or two then awake again this is the same every night & as been like this for along time over 6 or more years

but i cannot even say i feel tired because i dont i just dont no how to really say how i feel apart frm i just dont feel well in myself just getting out of bed is a battle because of how ill i feel in myself

i look forward to any help or advice from anyone with what might be wrong with me or if anyone as had the same & how they dealt with it

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Ive dealt wuth the same sensations. Even typing on my phone makes me feel rushed or unwell. Anxiety is such an odd thing & I'm sorry you feel this way. Write me if you ever need


Hi jessicao

thank you' for your replie im sorry your feeling the same way as me one thing i didn't understand is that you say typing on your phone makes you feel rushed or unwell i understand the unwell bit 100% but not the rushed feeling what do you mean by this.

hope to hear from you if i can help you in anyway' i would gladly try my best.

Kind Regards.


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It's hard to explain, it's like I'm always rushing to get things done even when I have plenty of time. Odd I know. Hope youre doing well


I know how you feel I also feel unwell but can't pin point it everything is so difficult and overwhelming for me I have 2 small kids and it's a struggle as a lot of the time I just want to lie in bed and do nothing. I have had many tests done all coming back clear apparently depression can make you feel this way. Can you describe your ill feelings in a little more detail?


Hi Aazz

thank you for yr replie im sorry to hear you are having the same feelings as me & with 2 children to look after day to day when it takes every thing you have just to get out of bed & care for yourself alone is a struggle i really feel for you.

I really wish i could tell you more about how i feel but like i said i cannot pin point it to one thing all i can really say is i feel in myself like say when you have had a bad case of the flu & you feel run down & you have to take things easy for about 2wks then you slowly start to feel better but in that 2wks

you feel exhausted yr whole body aches & every day for the first wk you just dont want to do anything but then you start to feel better well i feel like this every day the only diffarance is im not feeling any better i just feel the same

my body feels like its fighting some thing but i cannot say what it is i wish i could then at least i would no 100%why im feeling so ill & that i would start to feel better but thats not happening

im sorry i cannot tell you anything apart frm what i have tryed to explain i would love to hear bck frm you if this is how your feel & how you get through each day with yr 2 children & if you have any help or support frm yr husband or other family.

hope to hear frm you if you think i could be of help to you in what ever way

i would gladly do my best to try to assist you take care

kind regards.



Hi Julie it's a terrible thing to feel so unwell and I think it makes the mental issues worse what a vicious cycle! My husband is a great support and really helps out with the kids when he is home but he is at work all day and both my parents still work full time and my in laws live overseas so during the weekdays I just have to get by. I feel the worst in the mornings ver shaky and heavy then I feel better as the day goes on. I have noticed though if I am truly distracted (which is not often as I am so in my head about all of this it's constantly on my mind) I do feel better which sometimes does reassure me that it's mental. Is it the same for you do you ever have better days if you are completely distracted? I'm just very confused I seem to really struggle with the fact that anxiety and depression can make you feel like this almost 25/7. One thing I am yet to do is try some lifestyle changes like meditation, exercise and diet. Have you made any life style changes do you work or study?


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