Feeling unwell

Hi Everyone,

Im 38 yrs old web developer I spend my time 8-9 hours a day in front of a computer and i feel sick every afternoon for two weeks but no fever I dont know if its stress related or anxiety because I worry a lot with my health and when i start worrying i feel anxious by the way I have straighten of spine that cause me neck pain and tension headache.


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  • Hi Your nauseous feeling is most likely due to you feeling anxious. Its a classic symptom. As you haven't actually been sick I wouldn't worry. I have health anxiety so fully understand your worries about your .health. Trouble is if you are focussed on one thing it stays with you. What is great for any feeling of sickness is ginger in any form. Either fresh root ginger in hot water or better still Stem ginger sweets. Available from shops that sell sweets by the weight. Good luck

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  • Hi ilsonbunny,

    You also decrease your appetite when feeling anxious or stress?


  • I recommend that you take regular breaks when using the computer! Every 50 minutes walk around for 5 minutes and so stretches twice a day! Have you ever thought of swimming as this can be really good for relieving stress and also because you work so hard it may make you feel calmer too! I think your sick feeling might be stress related! You'll be fine just know that things will get better :-)

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