Stay at home mum thought I wasn't doing enough but I actually was doing to much. I now have anxiety through the roof which iv never had b4

I'm on the road to recovering from anxiety iv never experienced it ever and iv been medicated for it and I'm doing a lot of meditation and trying to rethink the amount of things I take on and do in my usual day. Anybody who has some helpful tips id muchly appreciate hearing them.


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  • Fresh air even if it's just sat on your door step, look for the little pleasures in life, flowers, little birds the sunshine, even if u feel terrible get outside sounds even more silly but when my daughter was young and I was really panicked I use to colour in a picture in her colouring book to try keep my mind off everything also write a little diary every nite of all your fears and thoughts xx

  • I so agree with the other reply....try to stop and appreciate all the little things. I truly have found that nature helps me so much. Hearing the birds sing and watching them just soothes me. The other morning I stepped out on my very tiny back porch and there, in the middle of all the homes, hustle and bustle and noise was an opossum. It was quite large and just the most beautiful silver color. It was just walking around, smelling the grass and totally at ease. I sat down on my little tiny chair which barely fits on that little tiny porch and it just made my day. That was one of the best mornings of my life. A HUGE gift from nature. Anxiety sneaks up on you and it is powerful ... it creates fear where no threat even exists. Everyone here knows that and can share just how controlling it can be. Please try to keep in mind that fear is "false evidence appearing real." When you start to feel afraid - and you don't even know why most of the time, take a deep breathe, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are okay. Then DO something - movement is so helpful. You literally can walk off or work off the adrenaline that is pumping through you and causing all the bad feelings. Anxiety attacks really don't last very long ... minutes really. But we get scared and that fear is what follows us around. Please keep posting, sharing and reading what others are experiencing. It helps so much.

  • Hi I think I'm coming out this nightmare anxiety etc meditation helps all anxiety apps on iPad are fab and setting ourself tasks we can sink or swimm it's been t hard but we have to keep going and that helps us t get through this mess

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