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Has anyone on this site heard of atrial fibrillation? It is a type of heart palpitations and it CAN CAUSE FEELINGS OF ANXIETY. What might you expect if your heart is not beating correctly, and your body is sending adrenaline to try to fix things? Thus commonly causes this, but doctors frequently misdiagnosed, or just don't find it. Find a GOOD cardiologist and insist on being monitored, such as with a holster monitor. Also stay away from caffeine, which can aggravate it. Don't let the doctor send you away with no answers. A relative had this happen and had no answers until she was sent to the ER with obvious out-of-control heart rhythm problems. Intermittent palpitations can be cause of anxiety attacks and they ARE NOT psychological in nature. Once the arrhythmia is corrected, the anxiety suddenly disappears. Look it up.

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By the way: I meant HOLTER MONITOR - which is used to monitor the heart rate, palpitations and any irregularities in the heart-beat. ( Unfortunately, when a doctor examines you, the palpitations may not be present and that is why the monitor is often used, in order to pinpoint when they occur, how often, etc. I am pretty certain this monitor may also find other anomolies, too.

Additionally, I also meant to say that, of course, some people suffer from anxiety, but these feelings in others may be due to the arryhthmias. Yes, anxiety can make it worse, BUT I have personally witnessed someone who had Afib (irregular heartbeat), go from anxious over EVERYTHING (even including favorite television shows) to feeling perfectly fine within an hour, directly following the treatment/transition from irregular heartbeat to normal rhythm within the hospital.

Explain this - if you think ALL anxiety or panic attacks are psychological in nature. Her irregularities in heartbeat are due to a valve issue, and not specifically due to stress. The treatment for her at that point in time was cardioversion, although most medication, diet changes, etc.


May I suggest you pop over to the AF community on this site ( that is if you haven't yet) you'll find plenty of responses here.

All the best.

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Yes,I get those. My Gp ran a battery of tests including Holter monitor to find or in my case rule out any nasties. I do stay away from caffeine 95 % of the time and yes if I slip up the heart thing shows up. I don't worry about it...just say"hello old friend' and carry on. Thanks for the post...Cat


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