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Worry just eating me up derealisation and head pressure

Hello My fellow anxiety sufferers, I have been suffering from derealisation and depersonalisation for about five months now and it has more or less taken over my life now, i have these symptoms 24\7 i have suffered from anxiety and hypochondira for almost 3 years now. In the beginning of the year i was in a state of very high anxiety and got a nocturnal panic attack as a result wich triggered these feelings of detachment, it seems like the depersonalisation has at least eased but i still have the derealisation and this very weird uncomfortable pressure in the back of my head that is the most prominent when i try to sleep. i just feel so hopeless right now, i used to be a very social guy who liked to travel and meet new people and now even going to the store is difficult for me. I guess i decided to post here if there would be a few people here who has gone though something similar and overcame it, especially with the head pressure in the back of the head and derealisation, i guess i just need some hope on overcoming this, i just worry that the rest of my life will be trapped in this fade and have such a hard time believing all of this could be anxiety, anything of the contrary would mean the world to me so please dont be negative i am good at that myself and dont need any help in that area :)

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Hey, I can relate. I deal with head pressure in the front of my head, but deal w dizziness. I can relate w being social and then being suddenly afraid to go to the store. It sucks, but it does subside.


Hi there I have been suffering with derealization too it's sort of better especially when I'm distracted I know how horrible it feels from what I've read the best way to get rid of it is accept it not be afraid of it and try your best to not focus on it. With the head pressure I also had this once for 3 weeks non stop again the more you focus on it the worse it gets but my advice to you is to go to either a physio, accupunturist or get massages on your shoulders or neck as the neck and shoulders is most likely causing the head pressure along with your anxiety. Hope you feel better soon :)


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