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Hi everyone! Just joined and wanted to say hello because this feed has really hit close to home. I don't have anyone to really talk to about my anxiety and it's nice knowing I'm not alone in this struggle. I'm scared of turning into someone who never leaves the house, or room for that matter, and it's nice seeing all this support and acceptance. Makes me think maybe I'm not crazy after all lol.

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I felt the same way forever! I always thought that I was going to turn crazy and just hide in my house! Trust me, you won't! It's all about getting out there and believe it or not overcoming and beating what you fear and not letting your anxiety win! Time and just being busy helps so much! I don't mean be busy all of the time, but definitely find hobbies if you don't already have some! It's done wonders for me!


Thank you so much for your comment! I'm on a low dose of Xanax right now which is helping the anxiety but it's the depersonalization and dizziness that scare me the most, especially when I'm driving. I'm taking a summer semester though right now which should help my mind stay occupied and I'll be seeing my counselor this weekend after a month of not being able to meet with her! Thank you again! I was kind of starting to just lose hope with myself but I'll definitely be making a better attempt to fight it.


Your not crazy! I feel that way nearly every morning. I could just stay under the blankets in my safe security of my bed. But it's not good to do. Some days it is but not everyday. My parents force me to get up and do stuff and even though I hate it sometimes it makes a big difference overall to me getting somewhere in life and not waste it in bed.


Thank you for that! You're absolutely right, I'll make sure I stay productive and occupied.

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It can be hard but it can be done! X


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