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Ghost Pain a few days ago, I was having pelvic cramping but after the doctor said I was okay, it seemed to lessen a lot.

However, I started worrying again and the pain came back but my problem is I don't know where it's coming from. Sometimes I think it's my pelvis, but then I think it's my upper back. Sometimes I think it's because I'm slightly constipated, but I'm still going to the bathroom, it's just sometimes hard because I think my muscles are so tight. I just don't know if the cramping is REAL. or if it's even cramping. I can't tell whether it's actually there or in my head since it seemed to lessen a lot when the doctor said I was okay and it would sort itself out, and then come back when I started freaking out again.

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When all this anxiety started for me it started with shortness of breath. I worried about it for weeks before finally seeing the doctor and in those weeks I was so obsessive about my breathing and my chest, I though I was breathing heavily that my chest moved weirdly I even thought I couldn't blow up a balloon then when I got a chest X-ray and ventilation scan and everything was clear thank God! I stopped worrying about it and I could blow up a balloon easily. This shows how much we can do our heads in and you'd think this example should be a reminder for myself but I just went on to worry about the next thing this anxiety thing is such a struggle!


I get these ghost pains all the time all over my body but the funny thing is I only feel it when I'm not doing anything. Is this the same for you? If so it could be anxiety. I wake up everyday thinking I have a truck parked on my chest but after a few seconds it's gone. My upper back and my chest feels heavy and I get random sharp pains in my abdomen. I got it checked and my lungs were perfect and abdomen is clear. It could be just anxiety?


Yeah, it does happen more often when I'm not doing anything! Sharp pains is usually indicative of tight muscles.


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