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It's so real!

I don't know about y'all. But in my case, the worse thing in anxiety are the symptoms. They feed up the anxiety reactions and make all the situation looks extremely real. actually, they are real. Promoted by an imbalance in the neurochemistry.

I was having a good day today. Although I had a horrible night (I couldn't sleep at all). I was watching tv on the sofa and had a nap. The phone woke me up. In my anxious mind, it would be a bad news about my mum. My heart went really fast. It was about 5 hours ago. Since then I feel awful. Extremely weak and I feel like I'm going to faint (or die). I have a pressure in my head. It feels like my head is about to explode.

Now the funny thing: I have a mild flu. My nose is blocked since Saturday. The anxiety symptoms can be explained by the flu. The pressure in my head is because of my blocked nose and the weakness because of the flu and the fact that I didn't sleep last night. I was ok with these symptoms, but after the event in the afternoon (the phone waking me up ) I started associating these symptoms with a cardiac condition. I feel like I'm about to have a stroke.

It is very real. I could check my blood pressure, but I'm so anxious and I get so anxious by the fact of checking my blood pressure. I'm quite sure it will be increased by the anxiety and will make me more anxious.

Does anyone here feel the same? I mean, in your reason you know the symptoms are induced by the anxiety but there's always the doubt that you're gonna die by an heart attack or a stroke...

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I can %100 relate to the head pressure thing as I am going through that currently. The symptoms of anxiety are the most frightening! I understand where you are coming from, it's like your mind just runs away with your worries and you lose all control.


I had heard that it does, but haven't not put it to the test yet !! Put it to the test:D

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Your feeding the fear and keeping it alive. Our minds are very powerful and sometimes needs some re thinking. I totally relate to ur symptoms but I decided to stop feeding it!! Slowly the feelings over anxiety reduced. It takes dsily practise . Ur worried about something that's not actually happening. But I so know the symptoms make everything super real. Try listen to Joyce Meyer..think positive. It's so good and mindfulness meditation to calm the body. X

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I have had the same thoughts. When I get a headache I feel like I have an aneurism. I even thought I have had a stroke and a heart attack too. Sounds like you have anxiety and your making matters worse. I could understand how having a mild flu could intensify these matters. Checking your blood pressure may be causing you to have worse anxiety, been there done that too. Have you ever considered taking some Xanax for immediate use? Try to get a prescription it will really help you relax within minutes. I myself do not want to be on constant medication so when I have an episode that I just cant shake ill take a piece and I feel GREAT!!

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I would love to have some relief. I was on medication years ago when I had problems with anxiety. I was taking clonazepan (I don't know the name in english). I took for about 2 years. After a complete change in my life I start seeing myself free of medication and free of anxiety.

After some years, my life changed again (I'm going through a bad moment) and the anxiety came back.

When I was on medication, I thought I would take pills for the rest of my life. I was extremely happy when I stopped taking medications. I was free and happy.

Now, although I'm trying hard to control my anxiety, I think I will have to take medication again.

My psychiatrist said I need to take.


I know how you feel, and I agree the worst part of anxiety is that it has a ripple effect. My anxiety makes my heart race and my muscles tense. Then I focus on those symptoms and it only makes the anxiety worse.

The "what-ifs" that go through my head keep me in the cycle unless I am able to distract myself, and tell myself that it is just my anxiety and if it doesn't go away in a certain amount of time then I will call my doctor.


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