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Help! Can someone advice on my situation please. Thanks guys

Hi everyone, just an update from my side.

I stopped the beta blockers I was on and I have started to get some sleep at night which I'm happy with.

But, I'm get the attacks throughout the day, heart beating fast, feeling like I'm gonna choak, disoriented, numb, feels like I'm gonna die.

Can someone please advice or even relate to these symptoms.your help is highly appreciated.

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Were you taking the beta blockers for your heart or anxiety problems as they can be used for both

Because they slow your heart down which helps with both of these conditions you can notice your heart beating faster & more in the day maybe as we are more aware

It maybe that it will just take a while for you to adjust but if you find you are struggling see your Doctor as there are other medications they could prescribe x


Good morning thanks for the reply. I have stopped the beta blockers for a while now, they did help in anyway and effected me badly.

I am suffering from fear, worry, pounding heart, nervousness on a daily basis which is taking over my daily tasks. I need a way to beat this but don't know how


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