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I wanna change my perspective on the way Ive been viewing things. I've come to the point where I dont know what to do with my anxiety. I know it's not dangerous, but I can't keep my mind off of it. I have adopted the mentality that if I always think about my anxieties and fears, than in a way I'm in control of them? I don't understand why I think this way, but it has been a HUGE obstacle in my daily life. Im constantly thinking about the worst that could happen, it has become a habit. But like every habit, it can be broken. I just don't know how to. I wanna concentrate on other important things going on in my life right now. Anxiety just sucks the fun out of everything. Any tips anyone?I'm feeling kinda hopless. 😔

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My mindset is that I'm going to get over anxiety completely. I know people who have and I WILL be there. I will not accept a life with anxiety. Nope. That's not happenin. My life has no room for it.


I agree bookgirl I just hope mine goes away soon I try everything not much hope yet.


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