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To cut a long boring story short, for 6 months I was led to believe that a diagnosis of svt for random palpitations was correct. After tests I was told it wasn't my heart but probably anxiety.

I've been quite pro active & tried to deal with it without meds, joined the gym, started to sort my social life out (I have a 2 yr old so not much time for that) etc. I hada ccounselling appt over the phone & was low scale so they took me off the books. Think I was having a good day unlike today.

I've had panic attacks since being told its anxiety but managed to calm myself down the chest pain always seems to hang around afterwards though.

This weekend ive had chest pain on/off. It won't go. I've felt dizzy & light headed in the supermarket but managed to carry on.

Today I went bk to my dr as I can't put my finger on whats caused it. I've not been stressed & generally everything is good.

I've been given lorazepam as a last resort if I can't calm myself down. But what worries me most is she said its probably me subconsciously setting it off for no reason. This scares me a lot, I feel I'm quite a strong feisty person but this is eating me up. Apparently I've become a perfectionist at work & I always put myself under pressure with bringing up my daughter to work etc.

Does anyone have any tips to help me sort my head out? More counselling has been suggested.

Sorry it turned into a long story/rant :/

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