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I am suffering from anxiety and depression from so long.. I have reached to the point in life where i want to stay on bed all day long with no aim and objective. Eve. Thinking abiut doing some job or task give me anxiety.. This anxiety and depression killed me inside... I have sinus issue is it causing heavy head laziness and depression... I am fed up of my life... Do keep me in ur prayers... Suggest me some natural way to get away with this feeling

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Hey, most of us here or rather all of us here so feel like what you feel. Don't give up hope as what you will achieve in the coming days will encourage us here..

By the way have you seen a doc yet?

Be well!


Don't give up! Things will get better. I learned to quit fighting my anxiety and it got better. I don't want to do anything either. I'd rather stay away from everyone and be at home. I'm learning that's only making it 10x worse. You have to face your anxiety and go out and do things that give you anxiety. It's so hard, trust me, I know! Keep your head up!! We are all here for you and have been there, or are there!


I've felt like that before. I guess what finally helped me is to finally accept that I have anxiety and to learn to live with it rather than fight it. There's always times where I have to force myself to get out of the house. And yes it makes me anxious but you have to push through that feeling and eventually it'll get easier. Take it day by day. Some natural ways to deal with it would be meditation working out or reading. Find something that you enjoy that when your doing it takes your mind off of everything and that's a way to deal with your anxiety. I hope you feel better . And NEVER give up. You have to fight and always tell yourself that you are stronger than your anxiety no matter how much it hurts. You can do it.


The more you stress your body or do exercise\Yoga it will vanish slowly so don't allow all those nightmare thougts come to your mind . Try to engage your soul and mind to something always .

Don't ever be in an empty mind as you are doing now to be in bed always but engage yourself and exercise more...

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It's horrible isn't it? I'm seeing a great psychologist at moment after years of trying to find help n getting further let down and hopeless, self medicating, staying in house most time except when I have to get kids and take them to activities which is SOOOOO hard!

No one knows, when I'm in playground waiting for kids the other moms see straight through me. They don't c the sweat runin down my back. The hell I'm in.

Be good to yourself!!! Kind. Forgiving. Comforting. Thats my best advice . Don't be annoyed with you, angry or disgusted.

Try it. If u catch urself talking nasty to you, STOP. Reassure , pretend u r ur best friend , talk kindly. U r a good person just run out of energy. Rest as much as u want. Ur poorly. Not crazy.


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