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Feels like someone is sitting on my chest

I'm 21 and have been diagnosed with severe anxiety for about 3 years. Recently, I have been having small episodes where my heart rate increases and I have a tight feeling in my chest, almost like someone is stiitng on it. Last night at 2:30am I went to my local accident and emergency as the feeling was worse than usual and wouldn't go. After 4 hours they decided it was stress/anxiety and told me to go to my GP and get some medication to help slow my heart rate. I can't visit the doctor until Monday (tomorrow) but my chest is still tight, does anyone have any advice to help cope until then? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Just try to take a bath . Light a candle and take your mind off of it. I get that sometimes too and anxiety does that it's one of the many symptoms you can have. But the main thing is try to keep your mind busy with something else . Also this app called calm really helps me try it out. Hope you feel better :)


all well say that but if sat in wheelchair from when I get up to going to bed I worry about blood test the last time the needle broke in my arm I fain when come round nurse staring to draw blood I pass out I have to go see nurse on Thursday not happy


Do some breathing Exercise (Meditation)


Stress and anxiety can be calmed down, by recognising the start of the tension and then control it by keeping relaxed. Hypnotherapy will help you initiate that relaxed feeling.

I use a calm "anchor" as part of the work I do with phobics. I can send you details of this if you are interested. This will be a good starting point for you, as knowing you can stay relaxed means you cannot panic- your body can`t do both !

warm wishes Linda

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Always and i mean Always keep a few tablets of Xanax with you !!!


Hi there hope you got on we'll . A was diagnosed with depression at the same age am on 30 mg seroxat it gets better threw time . A found it hard to start with drinking every day then taking valium before a knew it a was a mess so in the last year have stopped drinking and taking valium it's so so hard but slowly starting to feel better if a was at the start again a wouldn't have took valium or drink to help a wont lie it did help but in reality it makes things worse . Good luck


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