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Heart broken

Well I seem to be having some kind of panic attacks due to the man am with who I love so much and we'll he went off on one or went mad over nothing and it was so horrible and now I feel my whole life as stoped again I keep going for the kids but am so broken and keep having a mini panics and my mind starts doing things I don't like can I take diazepam If trying for a baby !!! Feel low today sad 😭😭😡😤😑😟😶

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Do u really think trying for a baby with this man that has made u so emotionally unstable you want diazepam ??

U aren't getting them prescribed or u wouldn't be asking .

If ur worried about diazepam affecting baby u are obviously a great mom. But what about how this man will affect baby and baby's mom!!

If u believe in fate, higher powers, family members on other side. I think something or someone is trying to tell you something for your benefit.

Good luck


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It's just a bad time was ! And u wanted to relax do was asking didn't know I was pregnant at the time thanks


Forget having a baby if the man who you say you love,treats you as you describe,it will only cause you more worry and heartache....have you spoken to anyone about the way you are feeling....might help.Take care of yourself.


Well I've been happy for 10 weeks we was trying for a baby now pregant and to be hinder he turned round and said he thinks am messing bout hahah I've heard it so many times and since then been in my own as I seemed to off cut off but I also feel very lonely and emotional too xxx


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