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Constant worry causing stomach pain

So i was diagnosed with GAD over 4yrs ago. It is continually getting worse. So many different sensations. Thoughts of constantly thinking what if? The newest symptom is upper stomach pain. I always feel blah. I'll eat and feel the pain come on kinda strong then go right back down. I think of it as a balloon. Idk what to do. I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I need a break through. I can't help think that somethimg medical is causing my anxiety. Even though I've been to the dr it still runs through my head. I'm stressed and getting depressed. I'm married with 4 kids and i feel like I'm losing them while losing myself. Please someone help!!!!!

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Steven furtive...whatever whatever on you tube and also Joyce Meyer.... Focus on the positive things in life. The suffering is awful with anxiety but it can change. Steven furtick that is sorry. Also if u can listen to a great song by Hillsongs called I surrender. Like me I got to the end n was so sick fed up being sick, anxious but slowly through these things and songs it's getting better. It can change for you and am sure ur a great mum to ur kids, just needing some help n support so ur on the right place here. Really try get in to Joyce Meyer, she is the funniest n really gets ur thinking changed x


I love Joyce. I watch her videos. I also listen to my local christian radio station. It does help. I cry and keep listening. This depression is horrible. I don't wish this upon anyone. Thanks for responding snow.


I get this stomach pain too. I think it's indigestion. Stomach problems are one of the main symptoms of anxiety, stress really affects it. Hang in there & maybe talk to your gp again


I know Kbizzack, depression is the worst thing along with anxiety. My poor sister suffers bad depression and only two weeks ago took an overdose, its the saddest thing to watch her trying to recover now. Please go get as much help as possible in every way you can and well done listening to joyce too. Keep trying as you are filling your head with good things and songs x I know its at tough road but I also believe it will get better x

Here for you anytime x


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