hi everyone been having a roughtime lately crying several times a day left arm getting sore so i worry if its just my anxiety or my blood pressure ! im finding im at my worse when im on my own for long periods which makes my mind go into over drive ! ive got a great bunch of people around me who are a great help espcially my wife and my sister without there help i dont think i would still be here i just hope things get better as its getting hard to see how things will get better ! thank you in advance for your help david !


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  • were is everyone.?

  • Hi David.know what you mean.when I m by myself I over think things as well.Its my first day back at work after Easter hols + I've been awake most of the night worrying!!Its good you have a lovely wife and sister to give you support, but even sometimes having all the help in the world just can't get you over these feelings of dread!

    As I have said to you before you sound like a lovely person!!With this lovely weather try and embrace nature!I have a tree in my garden and sometimes just watching the little birds flitting about can make me a bit calmer!You take care of yourself and just remember you are not alone with these terrible feelings courtesy of horrible Mr Anxiety!!


  • hi kath thanks for your kind words i see you know mr anxiety too ! i seem to have a good spell then i just go down hill ! im really blessedwith the help of my wife and sister without whos help i doubt i could cope ! the worst part is the insomnia which makes things 10 times worse ! ive got meds i take but they dont work all the time ive not got my phychiatrist till next month hopefully things will even out ! take care david x

  • Yep I know Mr Anxiety well! (and he's no friend of mine ha ha!)I don't take any meds have tried them in the past 10 or so years ago fluoxetine worked OK for me but didn't want to rely on it so came off~then in 2012 was really I'll with anxiety and prescribed it again! WOW did it make me worse ended up in A&E one night so poorly and took ages to get out of my system!

    Hope all goes well with your psychiatrist but in the meantime contact me if ever you need to chat or moan about our non friend Anxiety!!Your wife + sis are good people like yourself!


  • Hi david anxiety is an awful thing which can make things seem like you have an illness,so then you start googling the symptoms&before you no it its the worse case scenario,the more you concentrate on one thing the worst it feels,by doing that you are feeding it&it becomes a vicious cycle which is hard to break,only way you do it is by turning your negative thoughts in to positive ones,acknowledge it but dont let it take over coz thats wat it wants,do you take any meds for it?or have you tried cbt therapy??you have to be referred from your gp for that so thats worth a try,ive had it&its good it helps im also on 40mg of amitriptyline currently.

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