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Hi, Im a 19 year old girl and im new on here...

I have struggled with severe anxiety and depression for nearly 5 years now and i am slowly getting better.

I am here really to help and chat to anyone who wants to.

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Welcome. Perhaps you would like to share what you have been doing to feel better?

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Mainly, I have to give most credit to my wonderful boyfriend of 2 years who helped me get out of the worst of it, by helping me be happy, feeding me happy thoughts, taking me out of the house, almost forcing me to go out into the world.

I started to try and sleep early and rise early, eat every meal at the same time with few snacks, walk and exercise regularly.

I also really need to thank my beautiful late dog Ridley who passed a month ago aged 17,we were best friends and we did everything together. A dog really can be your best friend.

Hello, when you had anxiety did you used to have cardiac palpitations? if yes, what did you feel when you had them?

Hi Vanessa, yes i did have heart palpitations and I still do, just less severe. Everyones is different, but for me, it just made me feel as though i was about to have some sort of heart attack, or my heart was trying to escape out of my chest.

Its so difficult to explain!

It's awful... Last night I felt the hart beat inside, he was slow and he was uncontrolled. I felt everything! One heart beat, a pause of 3 seconds, another heart beat, and always like this. The heart beats were strong, it was like a trembling muscle but on inside and this muscle was my heart!

Do you think it's "normal"?

I am no doctor so i cant say what is normal or not, but i have felt that before, and it is not good!

I recommend that you visit your doctor and you explain to them exactly what you feel in your heart because it could be an underlying issue aswell as anxiety:)

i wish you well

Let us know how you have helped yourself or how others have helped you! Thank you and nice to meet you!

Hi, what what a very kind offer of help, and a breath of fresh air, your post made me smile because you've had to deal with the struggle of severe anxiety, and depression for a long time and you have overcome it and more, now you're helping others to overcome theirs! that's fantastic.

That shows a great deal of strength well done, !! so glad you can help, and even more glad to hear that you're feeling better.

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I need to know how to get better. Things at home aren't great and I'm hurting. I've had anxiety and depression for 5 years.

What things did u do that helped you feel better?



I have a hard time with depression. :)

I've had anxiety and depression for 5 years and I'm getting worse. How did you get better?

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