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Anxiety/hiatus hernia

I have suffered from anxiety for years, and had it well managed, had a hiatus hernia diagnosed few years back, was on meds for some time until they gave me cramps etc, went off them and was very well until couple of months ago, when a new symptom appeared which is quite frightening, after every meal I get palpitations that last hours, visited doc had ecg normal, waiting on monitor, he put me back on hernia meds and they are doing no good, can a hiatus hernia cause these symptoms or is my anxiety reacting to the situation I really don't know where on this site to seek this advice, would appreciate any reply, thank you in advance

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I have a hiatal hernia. It's fairly common. It gives me GERD/acid reflux. I take meds but luckily they do not cause cramps for me. I don't know your situation but many people who go the ER thinking they are having a heart attack in fact have some sort of gas. Mine sometimes manifests as pains in my upper back, a weird feeling in my throat, or a sensation of shortness of breath when I'm actually fully breathing. It's scary until you get used to what it is, and sometimes still.


I thank you for your kindness in replying to me, I am looking after 103 old lady or should I say she is running me around lol now she eats politely but FAST


sorry that went quick so for 7 months I have learned to keep up as if you don't eat then you don't eat for 6 hours she has dementia and i always on the run to rooms bathroom etc so meal time is a source of total stress, also we almost lost mum in january she was critical and I thought I had dealt with that emotion too, the doc feels it may be 'anxiety/stress and he may well be right, he recommended 'beta blockers' half twice a day I only take half at night, as I don't want to have another tablet on my list, so it does stop the skips and racing of the heart and I am feel more secure, there is so much more I could say but it goes back to when my husband died of heart attack aged 27 30 years ago so anything to do with the heart throws me into a panic. many thanks again of responding I so appreciate it x


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