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Wham its here agaim

Had a lovely 4 days holiday with my mum and kids and then hubby flew away on a stag weekend so we were like passing ships lol !

Anyway 2 weeks ago with some persistent ' sympyons' I went to Dr it's mostly lower back pain also a nipping sensation at waist etc Dr said ok could be ibs , could be the anxiety but we will do a couple blood tests - they checked blood count , checked for coeliac and also inflammatory . I phoned fr reaukts and the nurse said s was fine . However I also had requested last November to be referred back for more cbt , I had my ' assessment' a month ago which was horrendous I actually walked out in tears.

When they asked my reason for being referred I said I had short circuited due to mums cancer then both out BRCA 2 positive resuts and her answer was ( I should point out this lady is the head of mislothian psychology team - she said no- one in her team was experienced to help me I should go to ' my' human genetics. She completely write off my health anxiety saying I should be on specific tablets and then after a few more questions by which point I was in tears and vulnerable she interrupted to say ' wow I'm usually good at keeping to an hour' I had been in there for 35 mins. Told me she couldn't help so I interupted her and said I would contact human genetics and I would be taking her attitude further to which she asked can I see your core sheet - after a glimpse she said I couldnt refer you anyway as you only scored 9 . I replied with well that's a lot of rubbish because if j filled it in. Ow after your performance It would show my anxiety at a much higher level !

No wonder people feel they are being failed with correct support !

So when I return home today to find a letter asking me to contact my surgery for a

Routine go phone consultation I have went into full blown anxiety as to what it's about and as hubby didn't open my mail while away o have missed surgery until Tuesday !

Aaargh I wish anxiety would go away

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Hi cari477, I just totally understand you when reading your post they only diagnose us as nutters when we have real concerns that yes can cause us anxiety , I had issues last year (almost moved in to my doctors! I'm sure there was a photo of me on wall saying nut case just throw her some antidepressants ) had thyroid problem caused me serious anxiety but my body was doing things I didn't understand no body was helping me eventually I got expertised by a Dr , Who listened & cared I haven't seen for 7 months must be due a visit !!! I got to see specialist who apologised I was over medicated I demanded b12 & iron levels taken Lord & behold I was low iron & b12 although I was normal range I felt shocking so I knew !! oh bad insomnia too so needed help.with that. Touch wood ok at mo just anxiery creeps in,now with health anxiety. You stand up for what you believe in get help you deserve.big hugs binkynoo x


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